Pulp Fabrics is a platform for repurposed and upcycled materials that aims to reduce the textile waste pile in the Netherlands and increase the availability of responsible materials. Targeted at young fashion designers, fashion students and everyone who (aspires to) make(s) their own clothes, Pulp Fabrics offers high quality materials in small quantities, sourced from textile producers in the Netherlands. 

Pulp Fabrics just opened their new pop-up makershop in Amsterdam at the Beethovenstraat 18-20. If you are interested in purchasing materials or participating in a workshop (to make your own clothes with surplus materials) please contact us directly or visit the store.

Don’t hesitate to contact us too if you are for example a textile producer looking for a solution for surplus, a producer looking to source materials for a specific product, you’re interested in a tailor-made workshop, or would just like to connect! 


Pulp Fabrics is an initiative by Natalie de Koning in collaboration with GW Agency.

Natalie de Koning graduated in June 2015 at ArtEZ Fashion Masters. Previously she completed the fashion course at the HKU. Throughout her career she has specialized in materials and sustainability. In contrast to the cycle of the industry her goal is not to sell as many of her designs as possible, but to explore circular and new systems. In collaboration with Holly Syrett (GW Agency) she now realizes PULP – a platform for reused and recycled materials. In addition, Natalie seeks to encourage DIY fashion by sharing patterns and giving workshops.

GW Agency is committed to encouraging industry development and sustainability over the breadth of the fashion chain. After a six year career at Amsterdam Fashion Week, GW founder Holly Syrett set up GW “Gone Wrong” Agency and currently works as a fashion and brand consultant and project manager, realizing initiatives such as the annual ‘Modebelofte’ presentation at Dutch Design Week.